Day Ninety Three

If this doesn’t make you smile, you are reading the wrong blog.



The power of knowing your child is listening ALWAYS.

Today they put the new garage door in at our house, the process was riddled with issues that resulted in me having not the most friendly conversations on the phone with Luke within earshot. During the course of the conversation many thing were discussed, mostly having to do with texture, color and windows.

Tonight after the installers left we went inside the garage and Luke paraded around saying:

“dad, I love the new garage!, I just love it. I love the texture on it, do you like the texture? I love that it is white on the inside and grey on the outside. Oh Dad, I love the windows!”

I was like, OMG, he is referencing every phone call I have had about this door over the last five weeks! So, if you ever think your kids don’t hear you, think again.

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