Mommy Days


I know I mentioned it before, and Lily is more of a ketchup monster than  Luke by far. But this weekend I believe Mommy cracked the nut on Lily’s interesting and seemingly non-existent food intake.

I have been trying everything I can think of for weeks to get Lily into an eating pattern that works for her with little success.

Last night Mom sat with Lil an don her plate was an omelet, some sweet potatoes and some quesadilla. AND, some ketchup. As long as the bottle is hidden from view and as long as there was a little bit of ketchup on the bite of food that was being delivered, Lily ate more than I have seen her eat in quite some time.

To test my theory, I got some eggs and grits this morning at Whole Foods take out and sat down with Ol’ Lil and indeed, she ate more AS LONG AS THERE WAS KETCHUP!

Thats it, a new day has dawned!

Thanks you mom,

Thank you Heinz

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