Day Ninety Eight

As I figured, posting around the holidays can be a bit tricky.
We decided not to go away for Thanksgiving, but to stay home, which is sad a d a relief at the same time.

Luke was very disappointed mainly because trips on airplanes always include a new Lego set to work on, which completely occupies him on a five hour flight and in our opinion is a lot better than a video.

Since he was expect a new Lego, we got a new Lego I yesterday. He picked out another helicopter set (he is currently fascinated by building helicopters). Once we got home it was time to “build, build, build, build, build”.

-an aside. It seems that the English language written and spoken, often defaults to using five or seven when reciting multiple words to make a point, like “build, build, build, build, build”. It is something that I have noticed for many years and fascinated by the fact that even at a young age it seems to permeate. I believe it is the basis for iambic pentameter, and if it, it sure sounds good. That is the end of my aside.

We have had the conversation on past builds of making sure that Luke has some food in his belly before undertaking a four hour, intensive build, and Luke has come a long way in “taking breaks for his brain”. But still, it is such a heavy concentration set that it always leads to some serious melting down. Here is Luke taking a small pee break.

2014-11-26 15.53.36Can’t even take the time to go inside to the toilet.


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