Mommy Days




Lily’s first selfie. No, just joshing, just a little rainbow sprinkles in the old yogurt.

This weekend is huge because I accepted a few days of work, and it is out of town to boot. Of course the first reaction was one of sheer dread, that I am letting my family down, that I could not deal with this stay at home daddy stuff, that I am a loser. But, shall we say that is a bit harsh.

It is true it will be an incredibly different couple of days and nothing can really prepare me or the kids for that. I tear up at the thought of being away for even a day, and thats no joke.

But instead of going away for weeks or months, I am just going away for a few days so I know in my heart it will all be all right.

Meanwhile on the ranch Luke awoke last night with a mild fever, so today is a day of making chicken soup and staying close to home. He is a champ at being sick. Calm, stays quiet, in bed and still enjoys his day. So much to be grateful for.

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