Day One Hundred and Seven

I am going to work tomorrow, leaving town for a few days. We talked to Luke last night about it and he was amazing at how he processed it all.

Today Lily yet again did not nap, this time I had a small epiphany about it all.

I had a plan to pack and make a lemon tea cake and make more granola and do other stuff around the house and of course when the nap did not happen I was stricken by it all. I was there making the tea cake, making a huge mess, not enjoying any of it and Lily kept coming over needing something and I was short with her.

2014-12-09 13.46.22

Gotta finish the tea cake, gotta finish the tea cake…

Meanwhile as I continued to rush and not enjoy what I was doing, I would see Lily doing cool stuff in the other room among other things getting all of Luke’s underwear out of his drawer and trying almost successfully, to put them on.

Gotta finish the tea cake.

Then  made dash to school to pick up Luke, Lily falls asleep in the car and two things happen. First I remember a conversation in the last RIE class about the “Whereever you go, there you are” concept of yore. To which, I internally responded, oh please, I got that covered, don’t need to brush up on my inner hippie. Secondly I had a conversation with Mom and she said, enjoy the afternoon, drink it in because you will be away fro a few days.

That was the moment I realized it really was no fun making the tea cake and rushing and not hanging with Lil and so, I took her advice and spent as much time this afternoon as I could with my two lovely, kind, adorable, fun children. I did it imperfectly, but that is all right!

2014-12-09 13.59.25 2014-12-09 15.30.39 2014-12-09 15.30.54

I will not post the next few days unless perhaps mom will send me some notes of life as it unfolds in the Continuing Adventures of Luke and Lil.

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