Day One Hundred and Eight

It is already Thursday of this week. The holidays are busy and I feel like I am just catching up to last weeks away trip.

Both kids are in great spirits, last Sunday we were concerned enough about Lilys health to bring her to a Urgent Care facility. She had no infection, just a virus, that has now seemed to pass and she is full throttle for sure. No napper today just to prove her point.

Luke continues to look years older than he did like two weeks ago. Now we are having trouble finding any decent clothes that fit him.

There is a impossible to fit stage in a child’s life that no chain store can fill. Post toddler sizes, (2T-5T) and XS youth is too big. It is a quandary I shall never understand.

Some photos to bring us up to date, more or less. Including daddy hemming some pants (went pretty good), lily putting her giraffe in the fridge, which was a clear sign to me she was feeling better, lily with a hat on (what else is new) and my two lovely birdies scratching at the front door.






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