Day One Twenty Three

So, a few times Lily has taken her most favored stuffed animals, Giraffe and Puppy, and a pretty much discarded them in the least hospitable part of our property. The sad side of the garage. She does it with intent and it would be so interesting to know what in the world she is thinking at that moment. These are her most cherished fluffies, is she showing them this exciting area of our property because she is thrilled by it?



Lily has started not wanting to set foot in the bath, this comes after weeks or months of daily baths where she stands at the edge of the tub and gets VERY excited as the water fills and her clothes come off. The new behavior happened overnight. Mom remembered the exact same thing, around the exact same age with Luke. So interesting, what must be going on in that small, yet so large, brain of hers?

Then last night she was up many many times, but it seemed nothing was wrong not really hungry, just some crying and needing company? I was thinking this morning that it is related to the bath thing, just a general increased awareness and some fears of the big world setting in? All fascinating and all good.

Today I put some music on at home and picked her up and danced, she loved it, I put her down and she continued to bop around to the beat, I love it!

Fast facts

We go through 1 gallon of whole milk each day. Thats 128 fluid ounces, which is 64 fluid ounces per kid. (Jess and I drink 2% at a moderately slower rate)

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