Day One Forty Eight

2015-02-09 09.24.46How do you know?

Luke says this to me approximately seven or eight times on a good day. Usually it is quite easy to respond.

Example One.

Luke: “Dad, go, push the accelerator”

Dad: “I can’t’

Luke: “How do you know?”

Dad: “There is a car in front of me and if I push the accelerator I will hit it”

But, many times the question goes into some very interesting grey areas.

Example Two.

Luke: I think I see the ISS (International Space Station). I do, I see it, can I go on it someday?

Dad: I am not sure if you will have a chance to go on it?

Luke: How do you know?

Now, in this example he has got me dead to rights, I cannot know and as far as I am concerned he has as good of a chance as anyone to go on the ISS.

Example Three.

Luke: “Can we drive to Africa”

Dad: “No”

Luke: “How do you know?”

The truth is you could conceivably drive across the bering straits into the former Soviet Territories and make your way to Africa, believe me I have thought about it many times. So what’s the right answer? There isn’t one. The right answer is being open, thinking outside the box and always answering the question. That is the lesson for me.

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