Day One Fifty One

is it possible that parenting gets harder as time goes by?

Or am I just losing my mind more quickly.

In the last three days I have locked myself out of the house twice, left groceries in the shopping cart at the parking lot and left all our bicycles out front all night.

(OMG, I just did it again and had to come back to this post. After sending pictures to mom to make sure I was getting the right soap she wanted, I proceeded to put purchase two kinds, the right one and the wrong one and now I am going to drive right back to Target and return the wrong one!)

I dont feel like a stupid person, or forgetful?

Meanwhile it feels that many days are just plain a race to the finish line. Hard to get ready for Luke going to school, hard to get out the door, hard to make the house semi-presentable before mommy gets home in the evening and hard to make a meal that is not leftover scraps from the kids plates.

Yes, I understand that this is all a part of parenting, but I swear it was easier three months ago? Am I deluded, was it just the newness of it all that gave me super powers or something.

Only time will tell.

I love my family

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Luke and Lily had an awesome mud fest the other day. Made for baths at 3pm just a day after Mommy had cleaned their bathroom, but that is inconsequential, right?

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