Day One Sixty Six

Lily has not had a nap in about two weeks. Today in RIE class I realized two things. It is a really bad idea to compare her to Luke in terms of  behaviors. They are two completely separate people. Lily is done with her nap and it feels right, we just have to figure out the new routine so I am not putting her down expecting a quiet time when a quiet time is not forthcoming.

I think it is time to take the fourth wall off Lily’s crib. The other day she kept pointing at Luke’s bed when mom was helping her with an aborted nap.

Then re-install the gate on Luke and Lily’s room and put some choice play things in there when she is tired and let her have some quiet safe play in her room. This might back fire as well, but I think it is the right idea to try.

The funny thing is I believe she is falling asleep as I write this. She is always completely bonkered after RIE, even today it was such a sweet quiet class with only three kids there, all girls and still by the end her eyes were popping out of her head. I cam home and put her right in the crib, we shall see.

Drum roll…

2015-03-18 11.49.19

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