Day One Seventy Three

Ugh, Lily is sick again. Brought her in tho see the doctor, had to wait 45 minutes at the doctors office and two good things came of it. One is that she just plain has a cold, no sign of infection anywhere. Two, the doctor leaned into me at one point and said “you have two very patient kids”, to which I grinned and inhaled a breath of contentment.

When Luke gets sick, he totally shacks up on the couch with a bunch of books and chills. When Lily gets sick she just keeps doing all those things she likes to do, but when she hits the wall, she hits it hard. To her credit, she is amazing at asking for a moment of quiet. She just asks for a bottle and her pacifier (unya and umma) and promptly walks into her room and points at the crib.

Meanwhile Luke has developed a wonderful interest in tight rope walking. Like many things he distills, they come from books he reads, in this case a great one called “Mirette on the high wire”, about a girl who befriends a fallen high wire genius and together they find courage and commitment to define their relationship and partnership



He holds my hand as he crosses, but his concentration and commitment is pretty impressive.

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