Day One Seventy Seven

2015-04-14 18.18.01Luke was loopy sleepy and we had an awesome dialogue about super heroes. His only connection to super heroes are his friends at school and his boundless imagination. He also sees my Silver Surfer and TOBOR the 8th Man tee shirts.

First he told me the ones he knows:

Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Captain America and the Silver Surfer. Hard for me to not have a small shock of pride when he mentions the Silver Surfer, for better or worse he was the only comic book superhero that spoke to me as a child, so much so that I have used a conjunction of his name “silsurf” as my online moniker since the internet began, you can read more about that at my blog, Meet Silsurf

Then asked me for the ones I knew. I listed a handful of super heroes, Marvel of course, and we got onto a roll about Thor, possibly my second favorite superhero mostly do to the fact that we both had long blond hair. Luke was very interested in Thor’s hammer, wanted to know what it could break in half. Can it break glass? I said yes, can it break metal, I said yes. He thought and thought and then he asked.

Can it break the blue marble (planet earth) in half?

I was stumped and told him I would have to get back to him on that one.

Love that boy

(Who’s TOBOR you ask? Just about the strangest japanese anime character ever existed, you can read more about that at my tee shirt shop.

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