Day One Eighty Four

That decisive moment.

You’re late to leave the house, bringing Luke to school. You are trying to package up a piece of mail to drop while you are out (for no reason other than to test your timing skills) you look around and see this:

It had a two year old sitting in the middle of it, but I decided to deal with her first (no names) and take the photo later.

Miraculously she had virtually no paint on her, but the decisive moment is…how to react.

“Oh, you want to do some painting?”

“Oh my what have you done”

“We’re late and I really don’t want you to get the paints out by yourself.”

Well, I didn’t really say any of these, but was as careful as possible about what I did say, remember I was running late already. The last thing I wanted to do is confuse or scare Lily just because she got some paints out.

I was pretty successful I will say, got to school and realized that for the first time in 184 days, I had left Luke’s lunch at home.

Oh well.

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