Day Two Thirty Four

I try to keep up, but as time goes marching on it seems to get harder and harder. I used to post daily, then I started posting a few times a week, now I feel that huge chasms of time slip by without a murmuring. I could say all that is about to change, but it is probably not. I am one busy dad, that is for sure.

In RIE class today our teacher mentioned how great it can be to record the small moments in a child’s life, that when she looks back (at her two teenage girls ) it is the simple, un ceremonious moments that she wants to watch over and over. Playing on the bed, talking in the car, etc.

I hope that it what I can capture and save here at the Continuing Adventures of Luke and Lily.

Our teacher also said that sometimes it is better to NOT record, photograph, etc the moment and just be in it.

I do that a LOT, I am definitively being IN it.

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