Post 263: Pyramid Surprise

We are making a kids tee pee for christmas, pretty excited about it actually.

Last night the elve’s shop was open in our office/playroom/work room as me and mom started laying out the structure. I had finally gotten the eight foot high poles to all stand up and form a tee pee and of course Luke comes wondering over. Mom gives a quick “oh no,” I grab him and kind of shuttle him back out of the garage and into the house.

Now Luke was standing right there, not three feet from an eight foot tall pyramid, did he see it? No, he did not.

It was one of those moments when that sleepy, loopyness really played off in our favor. He had plenty of time to see an eight foot tall pyramid in the middle of the room, he tried to push past me when he came in, said he needed something (this is about an hour and a half after he went to be, what exactly did he need?), but he just plain did not see it, oh well, guess he will have to wait for Christmas morn.!

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