Post 264: Typical Morning


Lily wakes first, gets into mom and dad’s bed. Romps, tosses, summersaults and gets very cuddly until at least one of us gets up.

Make coffee

Luke arrives and it time to make breakfast

The first skirmish of the day is about sitting or not sitting next to each other, Luke and Lily get separated. Lily eats nothing, Luke is frustrated, kicking under the cabinet, emotions riding high. He eats but then has a second meltdown because the christmas dinner we are planning sounds too much like Thanksgiving diner that we just had. We alter our plans a bit and everyone seems ready to go.

Mom gets out the door and Luke, Lil and Da all get in Luke’s bed to read a bit of Chatterer the Red Squirrel from the rarely referenced collection of stories by Thornton W. Burgess.

Luke needs his special pillow, then Lily needs her special pillow. Luke needs a drink, Lily need a drink. Daddy is now on about three inches along the side of the bed, no pillow and makes a comment about not having anything to drink.

Lily gets up and comes back with a bottle of beer and hands it to me, I don’t open it, but the thought was a precious one.

Its 9am.

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