Post 273: Christmas, Star Wars and the Infinte

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Christmas was great, and  now seems a distant memory.

One of the high points was Luke being given a small inconsequential Star Wars set by a neighbor.

Luke was instantly smitten.

I am a fan of the story, a big fan and love the fact that Joseph Cambell talks about how Star Wars captured (without forethought) a greater consciousness and story line about the Hero’s Journey.


So Luke is just going off on the Star Wars figures, asking lots of questions, having lots of battles between good and bad. Remember, this is a kid who does not watch television, has not seen any movies, does not read comic books, all his knowledge comes from glimpses, the back of a Lego box that has a Star Wars theme at Target, comments and descriptions by friends, yet still he gets the fever.

But just as fast as it appeared, the fascination dwindles and goes away. What comes back, what always comes back, Legos!. During that moment of glee I did over hear him say to Lily while holding a mini Luke Skywalker, “OK, Lily, you can call this one Beau Skywalker!”, thought that was priceless.

We also hit a home run with our scooters, both Lily and Luke got one and they love to scoot scoot scoot. Very happy about that.



Mom and I thought we had a brain storm in a a home made tee pee, but for whatever reason it did not turn into the “I gotta be in that tee pee all the time” kind of thing for the kids, it certainly is getting its occasional use.

Side note: The DIY website that made it sounds soooo easy is a bunch of hooey, it was a lot of work! and a lot of hot glue burns for mommy and me.

struggling to add interior lighting the the “not so easy” do-it-yourself no sew tee pee

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