Day Twenty

2014-08-01 10.04.59

Sure, a bit groundhog day ish, but today we went back to the Bruder Truck Store, why? Well because they were giving away free yellow construction hats and the yellow construction hat the Luke has lost its inner ring and is quite painful to wear due to point plastic bits jutting into your scalp, that’s why.

And you know what, it was great being there. First time there was actually a bit of a crowd and interesting to see more trucks on the floor, more interplay, more fun. Lily had a blast, she just treats that joint like her living room, cavorting all over the place, racing back and forth. It was really fun.

2014-08-01 10.25.33

And then we got Pho afterwards as well. I was a bit hesitant due to the “nap” schedule, but what the heck. We have now been to three different Pho joints in Hawthorne (there a bunch more to go) and too bad todays was not very good, but the kids don’t mind and Lily did a great job, last time there was more pho on her and the floor and this time she kept asking for more bites, I was looping the noodles into her mouth from the chop stix and she liked that a lot.

Afterwards there were lollipops in the car, she fell asleep with her in her hand.

Later we are going to Lukes friends for his last swim lesson of the summer!

2014-08-01 11.34.48

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