Mommy Days

More great Mommy days, though somewhat of a blur. The kids just relax more when she is around.

Last night Luke had a Lego auto transporter set we got him. We got home and Luke went straight to his room, closed the door and did not surface until he was “almost” done with the set. The only issue was that it was dinner time and he really hadn’t eaten all that well and he refused to come out for supper. We let him do his work, but then he was so depleted and tired that he literally could not finish, his little fingers were just too tired. What resulted was one of the worst melt down Luke has had yet, fuming mad, refusing all help and the thought of “pausing” for some food was completely incomprehensible to him. 

The bottom line is that it all worked out (doesn’t it always I hope), he made a great Lego set 100% by himself, so proud and his mom and his dad were really proud as well.



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