Day Sixty Three

Full moon fever?

Last night both kids were up around 4 or so, Luke stayed fidgety and awake the rest of the night. There was a full Lunar eclipse from like 3:30-4 am. I get to Lilly’s RIE class and lo and behold there are MANY kids who had similar nights, no crying, just awake and restless and if I ever have a question again about whether the moon affects our biorhythms, well…

So, kind of a speed read morning, Lilly did not wake until 8:20, mom had a conference call at 8am, It is garbage day and all I know is that somehow I got it all ready and kids out the door and was only seven minutes late to Luke’s drop off.

Way to go dad, lets see what the afternoon brings.

News Flash!, Lilly has now denied the nap three days in a row, three days is often the deciding line between a permanent “yes” or “no”. What does it mean, not much except Daddy time is dwindling to nil. But did I sign up for this job for more Daddy time, I DID NOT! Bring it on I say. Let’s do (more) of this!!

Blue Roof did not have vanilla ice cream? They only serve two flavors, so it seemed like a good idea to go, but where?



Surprising quote of the day from Luke concerning his vanilla milkshake:

“Daddy, I don’t want this shake to be so thick” he worked it out. All good.

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