Day One Hundred and Eighteen

I get the earrings, mommy wears earrings. I get the hats a little less, but why would my daughter be obsessed (my word) with shoes for any reason other than she is a female. I try to reference long term genetic traits as the underlying principle for behavior, I don’t mean to sound like a person that believes in stereotypes, but c’mon, look at this:

2015-01-09 10.13.28

OK, I got that off my mind, now onto more important things.


Its a scam and one that works very well in the favor of the diaper people.

Lily likes to take her diaper off, a lot! She also drinks voluminously overnight and needs “extra protection” for that reason.

I go to Target forgetting everything I ever learned about diapers and assume I will be able to find a single diaper to rule them all. An overnight pull up, the pull up to thwart her constant removal and the overnight for “extra protection”, I would buy lots of them and she could wear them all the time and life would be better for all of us.

Well, after ten minutes (no exaggeration) of wandering the diapers halls of Target, I remembered that those diaper people have this all figured out. My “perfect diaper” does not exist, they want me to buy, a regular diaper, a pull up and another one with “extra protection”

2015-01-09 09.53.19

OK diaper people, you win this round, but i’ll be back.


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