Day One Thirty Five

Music Soothes the savage beast. Not sure who said it, I got it from a Looney Tunes cartoon, but I was amazed, inspired and calmed this afternoon when I put on some music, a wonderful kids album that adults can listen to called “Catch The Moon“. Luke and Lily just super duper relaxed. I mean so much so that at one point I thought Luke was going to fall asleep. I didnt want to get into the world too much, but in this photo Luke is basically lying with his head in Lilys lap while she reads a book. it was delightful to watch.

2015-02-03 17.05.38


Meanwhile I “think” Lily is getting better. Much to my astonishment I was actually able to get her stool sample to the lab within the two hour window. (actually, that is technically a lie as I fudged the “out” time by about 15 minutes), but still, I was impressed. We did not hear back about the cultures, but she was much more herself today and look what she can do with a single Oreo cookie!

2015-02-03 17.30.28


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