Day One Thirty Six

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The truth is Luke eats supper at 3:30pm.

It has always been told to me that a child eats five meals a day, the largest often being the fourth meal and the last one is just a snack.

So, I think this is the case with Luke. Now he doesn’t eat five meals, that for sure, but on any given day he has a small breakfast, eats a snack at school, but none of the lunch I pack for him, then comes home exhausted and  is starving and I make a large meal for him around 3:30. Today we had two fried chicken cutlets, corn on the cob and about a dozen cheese ravioli’s. He ate every bite.

It is actually a great thing, it meals there is not panic around supper time trying to make food for the whole family, it means Luke’s afternoons are peaceful because he is on a full belly and it means I can clean the kitchen for the most part before I fall down in a fatigue driven stupor for the night.

Lily is a bit harder to figure out, but ill get there. Since she was sick for the last week or so and ate almost nothing during that time, she is now on a food warpath. Everything she sees she wants.

All good little birdies, keep doing exactly what you are doing.

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