Day One Fifty Nine


Something I have watched with continued fascination is the way Lily will keep finding new way to focus  in on a picture book.

One of her favorite books is Good Night Gorilla. We have read it hundreds of times and it never seems to lose its draw.

I noticed recently that Lily will find something new in the pictures and then that item becomes the focus for a new and refreshed reading. I think  it helps that it is a book of very few words and I admit that even I find it interesting to look for the item, the object, the new thing with fresh eyes.

First it was the balloon, which actually appears on virtually every page, though sometimes it is so hard to find it is a real surprise when you do.

Then it was the guards keys, then the bananas and the most recent iteration is the bicycle in the gorillas cage. It only appears on two pages, but it still is of great wonder to our gal Lil.


I wonder if that is one of the reasons Goodnight Moon is so popular, few words and many images  overlap or are duplicated on other pages.

The experience of sitting and watching Lily has made me try to understand what it must be like to see it from her perspective. It would make sense that every page have all the same things on it? I mean if you see a balloon on one page, shouldn’t there be a balloon on all the pages? I dunno, what is a book to a twenty two month old human being?

It sure makes for fun reading.


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