Day One Ninety Three

News flash!

For those of you following closely, you may remember my post about fascinating way kids seems to gravitate towards books that have duplicate images on different pages. (Day One Fifty Nine)

Well, the other day Luke discovered a whole new meta-level to this phenomenon in the very book we were talking about last time, Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman.

Peggy Rathman also wrote a great book that we have gotten from the library a few times entitled “10 Minutes to Bedtime“. Luke noticed in that book that at a certain point you see out a window and in the deep background are the animals from Goodnight Gorilla marching across the lawn between the zoo and the zoo keeper’s house. OK, that is cool enough.

So now here we are back in Goodnight Gorilla and Luke discovers in the courtyard where the animals cross through there are other homes and in one of those homes there is a window that has a silhouette of a person appears. It goes from one person, two two people to three people on consecutive pages.




We are pretty sure that this is the folks in “10 Minutes to Bedtime” looking out the window at the animals crossing the courtyard, basically the opposite view from the one in that book. Confusing enough to describe, oh so very cool that the author did that and and amazing that Luke put it all together.

The final chapter in this ongoing sleuth tale will be the next time we get !) Minutes to Bedtime and study for more clues!

Stay tuned!!

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