Day One Eighty Six

2015Mayuntitled-40 Lily Apple Cline turns 2!

Happy birthday to Lil. She may wear the clothes of a four year old, but our lil just turned two!

After dropping Luke off at school we had date and had milk and donuts on a bench.2015Mayuntitled-33

2015Mayuntitled-34Had a great day and she thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

There is a banner hanging over the fireplace that says “Happy Birthday” and every time we would mentioned her birthday, she would run to the banner, point at it adroitly, then throws on her new “2” cape, climbs into her now rocking chair and smiles, smiles, smiles.

2015Mayuntitled-84Owl cake by mom was also a giant oreo cookie in disguise, win win for Lil!

Late in the day she took a face plant off the outdoor couch onto the coffee table and got a fat lip the size of Alaska.

But she still keeps smiling!

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