Day One Ninety Seven


A forgotten wooden dowel becomes my second favorite multi-use, didn’t know you had on hand, childrens wonder tool, here’s why.

In the backyard, Luke finds a baseball, starts asking questions, wants to play and learn, I say OK, but we will have to get a bat in order to practice the hitting part. Luke asks what’s a bat is and I describe it. He pauses, thinks and disappears without a warning only to resurface with the dowel. So, then we practiced baseball.

Next up we are sitting and playing with Playdoh and I make the comment “Oh, if only I had a rolling pin…” and again, Luke stops, thinks and disappears only to return with the dowel, oh I mean, rolling pin.

Of course the most obvious use for the almost thrown out dowel, is a trapeze swing, simple elegant and fun.

Can’t wait to see what comes next.

But first prize goes to the never to be slept in, bought in a fit of “how will we ever survive the insanity of our child wanting to sleep in our bed and maybe he can sleep on a cot amazon purchase?”

2015-06-15 09.25.44


Probably never to be used as a cot, but oh boy has it been used.

and so, so much more!

This thing is great and Luke will forever find things to do with it, I am often astonished as to how it comes into play. First place for the “I didn’t know I needed it” kids physical playthings.

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