Day Two Eighteen

2015-08-25 12.19.58

Is this the last box of diapers I will ever buy?

Lily just potty trained herself, at this point she comes up and says “Pee?”, I say OK, she then whips off her pants and diaper and urinates wherever she is.

Thats OK if we are home, or in the backyard, but can certainly makes for some interesting situations out in the world.

I understand girls are supposed to train younger and siblings even more so, but it really rocks my world when I think about it, she is two years old? Luke was twice her age when he stopped using diapers.

Lily is not through with diapers I know, but we have gone from using like fifteen a day to like two a day. And she has done it 100% on her own, and she is fully aware of when she needs to go, she grabs herself, looks up, “Pee?” and she is off the the races.

She is even taken to going poo as well. So is it, is this the last box of diapers?

Only time will tell.


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