Day Two Twenty Five


At preschool Luke rarely ate his lunch, often to comical ends, like this.

2015-01-07 15.04.23
Now, at the end of several weeks of Kindergarten and he has eaten his entire lunch every day. Something needs to be contemplated here.

2015-08-31 15.53.40
Since I was not there for his lunch time at his preschool nor his lunchtime at kindergarten, I can only guess what is going on here. I believe his pre-school has a very informal lunch approach, kids can basically eat when they want, which of course is a good thing for three or four year old, but maybe not so good for a five year old?

My assumption is that lunchtime at his new school is a set time and place, I know it is in fact and it is very formalized, they lay down a cloth napkin. Set there food out on it, then lay another cloth napkin over the top. They then have recess so when they come back in they are all set for chow.

I think that when Luke sits down and is surrounded by kids eating, he figures, OK, nothing else to do, might as well eat my lunch.

Its a really good thing for a guy like Luke, because he would be so hungry after school that he was barely capable of speech. Now he is in better spirits and it does not feel like a mad rush to get him a meal at 2:30 in the afternoon.

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