Post 302: Vacation


Went on our longest vacation ever, a full 12 days! Spent time with many relatives and spent time in solitude. All of it was great, intense, fun, hard, easy and 100% worth it, beyond worth it, priceless.

It was amazing to see where the difficulties presented themselves. Sleep, perfect (for the kids). Food, no problem, things to do? A plenty.

Yet it was indeed along trip and I felt the edges starting to fray towards the end. Its just along time to be away from home, especially when you are very connected to home, which our family seems to be.

It feels a million miles away now, because it is, I have been so incredibly busy since we returned that I have not had a moment to post, so here it is.

The most telling thing for me was the very end when I returned back to my moms house, which is in quite a quiet remote place, and passed by both my kids, alone, covered in mud looking for fiddler crabs on the marsh. I got to the house and there was my wife,  I said, “I just passed our kids out there…foraging”

All she said was that they had finally (the day before departure) found there groove.

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