Post 310: Hot Water Bottle

The other night Luke asked if he could have the hot water bottle. I explained that mom was using it for a very sore neck. He was not convinced that she needed it more than him, but when I suggested I would bring it in to him after she was done, he acquiesced.

Cut to late in the evening when I brought a cold water bottle in and tossed it up onto his bunk so that when he woke up it would be there.

Cut to 3am when Luke starts crying in bed. I go in and he says his blanket fell on the floor, I pick up the blanket and he says that the hot water bottle is in his bead and he does not understand how it got there and it is cold. I explained how it got there and he asks to fill it up again.

I dutifully filled the hot water bottle at 3am.

The next night as Mom and Dad are getting ready for bed, long past Luke’s bed time he comes sauntering in and says to mom:

“Is it OK if I use the hot water bottle for my very sore back, or do you need it tonight?” In the calmest, most pleasant manner you can imagine.

Mom fills the hot water bottle.

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