Day One Ninety Two



The progression of a song.

It seems like only yesterday that mom and I were debating whether Abiyoyo was too scary for Luke, If I remember correctly we listened to it once and he was a bit put off by it, so it was shelved for awhile.

Cut to today.

The current “must hear” track of all time is Abiyoyo. We listen to it five-fifteen times a day. I get excited by stuff like this and so I made compilation CD to celebrate, I found a few different versions of Abiyoyo, put them all on one disc and even made a little introduction myself. Luke loved it and the next thing you know all I am hearing from Lily is

Which is even funnier because at first she hated it because there was talk and when she wants music, SHE WANTS MUSIC, not a bunch of yak.

But now we get in the car and all I hear is Aye-O, Aye-O.

Lily, do you want to hear Abiyoyo, with a resounding head nod up and down.

So it goes,

.I had thought I had lost the CD I made, so Luke helped me make another one, this time he did the introduction, as follows.

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