Day Two Zero Five

2015-06-19 10.51.30
Lily just after opening a berry smoothie that sprayed all over my white shirt

I have been having a give and take with Lily over her use of a diaper. Sometimes she wants just one small pee, and a new one, yet she sleeps all night in a diaper, so…

Other times she just wants to be naked, like Beau, which is fine except for the pee spots all over the house (the truth is she is really good about coming to tell me she has gone pee, after the fact)

Today there might be a shift.

She was naked and did not want her diaper put on. I explained to her, as I have done many times before, that if she wants to use the potty, she does not need to have the diaper on. I thin put the diaper on. I went on my way.

I come back to find Lily sitting on the potty, diaper at her side, all done.

She then had two more pees on her own, and then…the whammer

Luke comes to get me all excited because Lily had her first poo intentionally outside of her diaper.

I am sure I will sound like an over zealous parent, but jimminy crickets she is TWO YEARS OLD, it just doesn’t seem possible to me.

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