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More and perhaps final info on the cross pollination book ideas of Peggy Rathman  between Goodnight Gorilla and 10 Minutes to Bedtime. (previously on CAOLAL Continuing Adventures of Luke and Lily)

So, we got 10 Minutes to Bedtime the other day from the library and were able to compare the references to Goodnight Gorilla nice and close.

But, the more I look at it, the more confused I get. The fact that the image from “10 Minutes” has a flat roof made it seem impossible that it is seen from any of the pictures from “Goodnight” because none of the houses in the courtyard appear to have flat roofs.


The color is consistent and if indeed the view is from the house where the reader would be sitting in Gorilla, then you would never have seen the building, right? Following me??

10 Minutes to Bedtime

10 Minutes to Bedtime

but as I study them side by side, it would seem that the house in 10 Minutes is seeing the animals walking along the zoo path from the same perspective as in “Goodnight”, this led us to posit that the three silhouettes in the window are indeed the views, Luke, Lily and Daddy? What do you think?

Goodnight Gorilla

Meanwhile I also find was  Rathmann used one of my favorite MC Esher ideas, the Droste Effect on multiple pages, the idea of having the same image appear within the bounds of a drawing, therefore leading to an infinite worming of sorts. Here is a great illustration of the Droste effect in action.

Here are two droste pages from “10 Minutes to Bedtime

2015Juneuntitled-58 2015Juneuntitled-59



2015Juneuntitled-55 2015Juneuntitled-56 2015Juneuntitled-57

Oh what fun for all and I imagine if I spent more time I would discover even more things in both books to ponder and write about, but, enough is enough.

See ya next time.

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