Day Two Twenty Two

2015-09-03 08.26.14

How incredibly emotional it is to take your child to kindergarten. All the cliches come ringing true. It truly feels like you are saying goodbye to a vast portion of Luke’s life, those lingering afternoons at home are gone forever. Of course most of this is a bit over the top, but I cannot but reflect upon a parent who recently was saying,

“Listen. Kindergarten, then homework, then their own friends, then high school, then college”

So it IS the end of a period of their life where they have been predominantly home-centric.

Luke’s kindergarten is a Waldorf based school, many kids that went to his pre-school went on to this exact school, we feel we could not be in better hands and that Luke continues to have a lovely, play centered environment to develop in. But BOY is he tired at the end of his day, but THAT is yet another blog post on…

The Continuing Adventures of Luke and Lily


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