Day Two Twenty Three

2015-08-28 17.41.52

The other day we were driving in traffic and Luke said

“wouldn’t it be great if our new minivan had wings?”

I said yes indeed it would. Now the comment was not completely without warrant as I had also recently showed him information about the Terrafugia flying car which you can pre-order now for something like $200,000 with the approximate delivery date of 2025.

On the way home from our trip, Luke got increasingly excited and bolted out of the car and went straight to work on his wing assembly. His biggest concern is how to attach the wings to the minivan, to which his mom had to have a sidebar with me:

“I mean you will have a talk with Luke about the fact that we cannot REALLY attempt to attach his wings to our new car, right?”

It brought up an interesting thought process for me, because part of me would not be surprised to find Luke with a bunch of nails and screws and stuff trying to attach his wings to our car, but the other part of me, a stronger part of me to be honest, feels that he would never, that however it works his mind, he understands that he cannot follow through on his ideas.

The house he has been building for a few months is my case and point. Luke has said that our existing house is in the way of the one he intends to build and when he showed me the size of his new property, it was indeed going to involve removing our existing house to make room, but do I think Luke actually believes he will move our house, or do I fear that Luke will take a crowbar and start trying to remove floorboards, no I do not. It just the way his mind works, and works, and works.

2015-09-01 09.39.18
This is his drawing for the wing assembly, made perfect sense to me. The Minivan is the big thing in the center, the rounded thing on top with the three lines is a wing.

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