Day Two Twenty Nine

2015-10-05 13.07.42 HDR

Lily has the ability to convey almost any thought with her storage bank of words. It is amazing that with so few words, some real, some made up, she can tell us everything.

Mail pronounced meal is everything that comes in a box or delivered.
Brush pronounced Bice is everything brush, comb, broom, anything bice-able
Liquid is Unya
Owee needs no explanation
Me, Mine needs no explanation
Any ball or round object is a Baboo
Moon is Nana
Animal alive or in toy form is GeeGee I I
Dogs is a Deek Deek
Bus is Ba
Plane is P
Park is Paa
Cat is Meow Meow
Diaper is Poo Undie
All other lower body clothing is No Poo Undie

The list goes on. She makes sentences out of her words and tells all. She got swiped by a cat a few weeks ago and now refers to that episode as Meow Meow Owee (with a hand swipe gesture).

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