Post 343: Time marches on

Luke is done with 1st Grade, Lily is just bursting with growth, everything seems to be moving and swirling to monumental moments. Its just kids growing up I know and it happens to billions of people, but still, how gorgeous it is to watch unfold.

We read about the cycles of equilibrium and dis-equalibrium that occur continually in a child’s life. Last night Mom and I were reflecting on Luke being in a dis-equilibrium Frustrated, doesn’t want help with anything, yet wants “something”. Argumentative, and filled with thought, a seven year old child filled with there own world of thought. Something that I have a hard time digesting, he is growing up.

Luke started the year unable to read or do any math, now he does multiplication in his head and reads to Lily in the mornings.

Lily is bursting with everything, language, motor skills, love, love, love of her brother. There is a constant merry-go-round of fun, play, fight, frustration and everything you can imagine in between for the two of them.

This morning as I got them ready for there first days of summer camp, both were so excited to put on there back packs and carry there lunch bags and put on there sun screen. We stepped outside, I took this picture and all they could say was “I love you” to each other. Not playfully, but completely sincerely. They said it many times throughout of drive to drop Luke off. Lily was at his side the whole way and Luke was so proud to have his sister there.


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